DIY Sugar

"Strip Method" 


1. Supplied Kit Includes:

  • Exclusive access to video tutorial

  • 12oz Organic Sugar Paste

  • 30 cotton strips

  • 8 wooden applicators

  • All natural sugar prepping powder

  • Single use body oil for post sugaring

3. Setting up your space:

  • Choose a comfortable space you can sit at for awhile

  • Lay out a sheet or large towel so that you have a clean work space and to protect surfaces from sugar mess

  • Lay out all your supplies and familiarize yourself with them

  • Set the mood with some music to calm your nerves

  • Make sure that no cats, dogs, animals, helpers, children or other variables will have access to your work space.

2. Gather the following home supplies:

  • Witch Hazel or Isopropyl alcohol

  • Water

  • Spray bottle or small bowl

  • Cotton rounds or balls

  • Sheet or large towel

  • Tweezers

  • Small pot for boiling water to warm sugar

  • Thermometer

4. Move forward at your own risk.

  • Vashon Bodywork and all service providers assume no liability for any and all hazards, injury or damage that may occur during your home DIY experience. 

  • You are sugaring at home at your own risk.

  • This video is not intended for professional use. 

  • Please do not share or copy these videos.

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