Sugaring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why Sugaring?

Sugaring is less painful and causes less irritation then waxing. The paste is 100% organic, biodegradable, chemical, dye, and preservative free. Traditional wax attaches to the hair and the live skin cells while Sugar only attaches to the dead skin cells and hair resulting in more suitable hair removal treatment for sensitive skin. Clean up is easy since the sugar paste washes away with warm water. Results last up to 6 weeks and when performed regularly can lead to permanency. 

Q. Is hair removal for Men too?

Yes! There are many reasons why Men choose hair removal. Many Men remove unwanted hair for athletic reasons when hair removal is needed for cleanliness and/or safety. Others prefer hair removal strictly for aesthetic reasons. Whatever your reason, sugaring is a great choice for hair removal and the results last much longer than shaving. Our extensively trained Aestheticians provide a discrete, and professional experience and maintain 100% confidentiality. Have a question or concern, ask us! (We do not offer male-brazilians or beard hair removal)

Q. Do I need to shower before my hair removal appointment?

Showering keeps the skin clean and free from bacteria and sweat, resulting in healthy follicles and less chance of in-grown hairs.

Q. How long does my hair have to be in order to be removed effectively?

Sugaring only requires your hair to be 1/8th inch long. Hair should be no longer than 1/2 inch. You may trim hair prior to your appointment or for your convenience you may book additional service time for a professional discrete trim for additional charge. When trimming at home we recommend not trimming past 1/4 inch. This can be measured effectively by using a comb and trimming to there. 

Q. Should I exfoliate/moisturize prior to hair removal?

For best results we recommend you do not exfoliate 24 hrs prior to your appointment. Exfoliating over 24 hours before your appointment is recommended. While hydrated skin gives the best results, please do not apply lotion or oil prior to your appointment. 

Q. I am taking antibiotics, can I still be Sugared? 

No, we will need to reschedule your appointment if you are taking antibiotics. Any medication that cause photosensitivity or skin thinning is contraindicated for sugaring. 

Sugaring After Care


Keep your skin clean, friction free and sweat free for the first 24 hours after your sugaring treatment. Avoiding sweat causing activities and wearing loose breathable clothing is recommended after your service. Do not apply oils, or lotions until 24 hours post sugaring.