Ongoing Private Massage Classes

Massage for Family Caregiving

This 1.5 hour private workshop will give you the tools & confidence to safely and effectively help relieve pain and discomfort from a variety of conditions where massage can be a supportive therapy . Techniques will be taught either on a massage table or futon floor mat depending on specific circumstances and preferences. Lecture will be minimal as class is mainly hands on training. Class is for two people, one person who will be learning and giving the treatment and the other person who will receive and give feedback. 


Thai Massage Class

Would you like an effortless and oil free, fully clothed way to care for one another? 

Thai massage combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures with muscle compression, and joint mobilization. Unlike table massage, Thai Massage is done on a mat or futon on the floor. No oil is applied, and you stay fully clothed! In this Private 2 hour experiential class, you are introduced to ways to safely and effectively use your hands, feet, and knees to apply pressure, stretch and relax your partner. This is a fun and interactive class for couples who want to have the tools to care for each other every now and then.

Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to walk, stand, kneel and stretch the stress out of each other! 


Couples Massage Workshop

Would you like to feel cared for by your partner through therapeutic touch?


This 3 hour private workshop will give you and your partner the tools to slow down, soften your touch, deepen your pressure, and relieve pain for one another, safely and effectively with ease. Massage is taught on a massage table, using professional draping at all times, and with the use of oil. Lecture is very minimal as this class is for hands on training. Both partners will get equal time giving and receiving. 

Class will be taught specific to you and your partners needs. Non-sexual, supportive and private. 

The next best thing to a massage from Deja or Deborah is a massage from a friend or partner who has taken a massage workshop from Vashon Bodywork! I not only learned the basics of massage, I also learned to be a better listener, communicator, and caregiver.  --Kyle, Vashon


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