Lash Services

 Lash Lifting

Lash Tinting

Semi-permanent curl enhancement. Enjoy up to 8 weeks of beautiful low maintenance lashes. 

Lash Lift + Tint (recommended) $105

Lash Lift $85

Bring out your natural beauty! Our Tint provides up to 4 weeks of color for lashes and brows.

Lashes $25

Lash Tint + Brow shape & Tint $65

Lash Extensions

Semi-permanent application of synthetic mink lashes that are glued using medical grade adhesive 1:1 to individual natural lashes. For the health of your eyes and eyelashes it is very important a skilled licensed professional performs this service. We use only the highest quality lashes, adhesives and after care products at Vashon Bodywork. Our "Luxury Silk Classics" set our lashes apart from other classic lash extensions with their natural silky feel, durability and superior retention. The quality of our adhesive is vital to maintaining the health of your natural lashes. Our lash clients are taught proper maintenance and after care to maintain gorgeous extensions while preventing any and all damage to existing lashes.  

Consultation 15 min

Our lash artist is happy to answer any and all questions prior to scheduling your Initial Full Set. When scheduling please note whether you'd like to meet in person or receive a phone call. 


Initial Full Set (New Clients)

approximately 2 to 2.5 hours

New to extensions or starting fresh with us for the first time? This appointment is for you! This allows us the time for intake, and consultation to make sure you and your lash artist achieve the look you are after. You'll also get a complimentary after care lash cleanser and brush to maintain your newest investment.


Additional Full Set (Returning Clients)

approximately 2 hours

If you are restarting with a new set and already established with our lash artist, this appointment is for you! It has a bit less time allotted to it and does not include aftercare products. If you are unsure, please book for Initial Full Set to ensure you have the correct amount of time scheduled.   


Lash Touch Up approximately 30 min 

Ideal within a week of prior appointment for some extra fluff and lash love. Great before a special event or after unexpected wear and tear.


+ ADD ON additional time if coming from another spa/salon $15

Classic Fill approximately 75 min 

Ideal within 2 and less than 3 weeks since prior appointment. This routine is recommended to maintain optimal health of natural lashes and a full, fluffy set.


+ ADD ON additional time if coming from another spa/salon $15

Extended Fill approximately 105 min 

Recommended after 3-4 weeks since prior appointment. This accommodates clients with a busy schedule, those who take immaculate care of their lashes (excellent retention and condition), or who just need some extra lash love.


+ ADD ON additional time if coming from another spa/salon $15

NOTE: If 50% or less extensions remain, a full set is required. This is usually after four to five weeks. 

Professional Lash Removal